07 March, 2014




Candy J.

23 January, 2013

Scratch Mag realness!

Here is a quick sneak peek of my latest Makeup work for Scratch Magazine (UK Publication). 
Looking forward to seeing this new issue coming soon. 
In case you haven't checked the last one click "HERE"
So proud of my girl Ami Vega of "El Salonsito" whom has her own Nail Art DIY Column for Scratch Mag.
Had so much fun being part of this shoot and can't wait to continue working on the next ones for the rest of the year !!!

Photography by Samantha Moralez
Makeup by Yours Truly
Model Yinell Rodriguez

Candy J.

Oh Hi There 2013!

2013 started out crazy but for the most part in a good way.
1st off my makeup work featured in UK publication "Scratch Magazine" which I am extra hype about.

& yes that is me on the DIY spread modeling Ami Vega's creation from "El Salonsito"
Ami will be their nail art contributer for the rest of the year so make sure to check her work out.
Photography by Samantha Morales
Hand Model: Yinell Rodriguez
Makeup and Model: Yours Truly.

2nd surprise of the year was Tahiry Jose from Love and Hip Hop showcased 2
images I styled back in 2011 on the premiere night of the show. 
Make sure to check it out =]
Funniest thing is that I didn't know she was even going to be in the show
until the night of it premiering.
A nice surprise indeed.

Behind the scenes video of this photoshoot. (Via; Source Magazine)

Super excited to get to party with all the people that continue to support Eztilo Magazine as well as the ones that helped me put this 2nd issue together.
This party is open to the public so the more the merrier.
It's free, no dress code and you get a chance to win a goodie bag filled with dope shit...
Oh! and the honor of getting f*cked up with me lol JK, JK!
Let's dance and make it a memorable night!

Location: 205 Chrystie st. N.Y. (Lower East Side)
Time: 11pm

If you haven't checked Eztilo out yet SHAME ON YOU!
Flip through it and send me your thoughts to INFO@EztiloMag.com

Well that's it for now...February will be another busy month and I can't wait to share with you guys this year's journey!
See you Friday!!! 

Candy J.

25 December, 2012

Feliz Navidad!

Didn't feel like going on the Holiday route for my nails this year so 
played with the "Checkers" style pattern inspired by the newest music video of No Doubt "Push and Shove" ft. Busy Signal, Major Lazer. Which by the way, it's a pretty f*cking dope song.
(Check the video out after the inspired image below).

Merry Christmas from my favorite movie of the year Frankenweenie to you all.
Hope you all are enjoying your time with your loved ones.

Candy J.

19 December, 2012

Better late than never!

On 12.13 I finally released the 2nd issue of Eztilo and I could not be 
anymore excited.
I featured for the Fall / Winter season one of my favorite New York Female Graffiti Artist
There is also a behind the scenes video of INDIE doing her thing in the Bronx while we interviewed her. Shout out to Pelenguino for shooting it. Lots of other cool content such as DIY projects, Nail Art by my favorite Nail Tech. 
Ami Vega from El Salonsito, quotes and etc.

EZTILO MAGAZINE PRESENTS: INDIE 184 from Eztilo Magazine on Vimeo.

Aside from releasing the mag on 12.13 I also finish Nail School that same day and although I missed my graduation (aka just eating with classmates in a wack room) it was all worth it due to me working hard to finish Eztilo No.2.

Busy it has been for me for the past month but I look forward to sharing more things with you guys.
Until next time.

Candy J.